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Recent Selected Conferences

  1. 67th SPSJ Annual Meeting, Nagoya, Japan, 2018, “Development of Thiol-Crosslinked Micelle for Systemic Delivery of Antisense Oligonucleotide to Treat Brain Disease”, H. J. Kim, H. S. Min, K. Katsushima, Y. Kondo, K. Miyata, K. Kataoka.

  2. 6th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid, and Nanomaterials, Sitges, Spain, 2019, “Adjustment of Hydrophobicity in Amphiphilic Polymers for Highly Efficient Messenger RNA Delivery”, H. J. Kim, M. Sato, K. Kataoka, K. Miyata.

  3. 68th SPSJ Annual Meeting, Osaka, Japan, 2019, “Cationic Polymer Synthesis Based on Optimization of Hydrophobicity for mRNA”, H. J. Kim, K. Kataoka, K. Miyata.

  4. Korean Chemical Society 2019, Korea, 2019, “Disease Responsive Nanomedicine-Polymeric Assembly for Oligonucleotide Delivery”, H. J. Kim, K. Kataoka, K. Miyata.

  5. Nano Korea 2019, Goyang-si, Korea, 2019, “Cationic Amphiphilic Polymer Development for Cas9 mRNA and its Application”, H. J. Kim, S. Ogura, K. Kataoka, K. Miyata.

  6. 69th Symposium on Macromolecules, on line, Japan, 2020, "Polyaspartamide Derivatives Development for mRNA Delivery and their Application for CRISPR-Cas Technology", H. J. Kim, S. Ogura, J. M. Yum, M. Naito, K. Miyata.

  7. KBSS Spring Meeting, Jeju, Korea, 2021, "Cationic Polymer Development for mRNA Delivery and their Application for CRISPR-Cas Technology", H. J. Kim.

  8. KBSS Fall Education Workshop, KyoungJu, Korea, 2021, "Design Parameters of Delivery Vehicles for RNA Drugs", H. J. Kim.

  9. The Korean BioChip Society, Pusan, Korea, 2022, "Development of Polyaspartamide Derivatives for mRNA Delivery by Optimizing Hydrophobicity", H. J. Kim.

  10. KSIEC Fall Meeting, Daejeon, Korea, 2022, "Fine-Tuning of Cationic Polymers with Hydrophobicity for In Vivo Adiministration of mRNA", H. J. Kim.


2022, May. 10.

K. Kataoka, K. Miyata, S. Fukushima, K. Hayashi, S. Watanabe, H. J. Kim, K. Toh, "Nucleic acid-loaded unit polyion complex", US 11,324,835.

2021, Nov. 4.

H. J. Kim, K. Miyata, K. Kataoka, "Amphiphilic poly(amino acid), block copolymer using the amphiphilic poly(amino acid), and complex including the amphiphilic poly(amino acid) or the block copolymer and nucleic acid", US Application (17/280,058).

2021, Jul. 20.

Y. Kondo, K. Katsushima, K. Kataoka, K. Miyata, H. J. Kim, "Antitumor drug delivery formulation",

US 11,066,665.

2016, Apr. 5.

K. Kataoka, Y. Lee, N. Nishiyama, K. Miyata, M. Oba, S. Hiki, M. Sanjo, H.J. Kim, "Charge conversional ternary polyplex", US 9,303,122.

2013, Oct. 1.

K. Kataoka, S. Wu, T. Ishii, H.J. Kim, K. Miyata, N. Nishiyama, "Cationic poly(amino acids) and uses thereof",

US 8,546,487.

2013, Apr. 30.

K. Kataoka, N. Nishiyama, A. Ishii, Y. Kato, K. Miyata, H.J. Kim, H. Takemoto, "Copolymer including uncharged hydrophilic block and cationic polyomino acid block having hydrophobic group in part of side chains, and use thereof", US 8,431,545.

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